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 Scions of the Horde

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PostSubject: Scions of the Horde   Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:48 am

Hello Caffeine!

Some of you may not know me, I'm Rajuul the leader of the Scions of the Horde, RP organizer and general RP advocate. The Scions is actually a "meta-guild" comprised of five member guilds, one for each Horde race. We've been friends of <Caffeine> since the old days when we just a troll themed guild <Gurubashi Nation>.

I wanted to be sure that those of you who are into RP know about our events and chat channels. Our central theme is to promote RP along racial lines, which can be quite an interesting experience and leads to some great character development and storylines. So in the interest of greater racial RP we host regular race themed RP events, and five in- character (IC) chat channels. You folks are welcome any time. Smile

Generally we do two RP events a week. To follow along with our events check our annoucements at:

As for the IC chat, we ask that people only join the channel that is intended for their race. So while we host five chat channels for RPers, you would only be in one at a time. Below are the explainations, taken from our FAQ:

Quote :
For troll role players you can join our IC chat channel "Trollpact". The notion behind this channel is that we carry magic gems called "Windspeech Gems" which allow our voices to be carried on the spirits of the wind. These can have been given to you by any elder troll shaman or found after having been lost.

For blood elf role players you can join our IC chat channel called "Sindorei". The idea here is that we carry goblin made devices called "Arcane Vocalboxes" which work like two way radios. These small boxes have an antennae and two small buttons. The sindorei channel is said to be magically attuned to blood elves. The vocalboxes themselves are notorious for malfunctioning and have occasionally exploded.

For tauren role players you can join our IC chat channel named "Shuhalo". The tauren weave sacred feathers into their manes through an old ceremony which opens the tauren to the spirits of the wild. This allows the tauren to communicate with others over long ditances.

For orc role players feel free to join our IC chat channel named "Thromka". The orcs take the teeth of wolves from their homeland and sanctify them at the Throne of Elements. These "Spiritwolf Teeth" create a bond with their bearer and allow him or her to speak to others with the teeth.

For undead role players feel free to join our IC chat channel named "Embrace". Through the worship of the Shadow the undead have learned to create "Shadow Shards" which are fragments of each other. These allow communication with other undead who also posses them.

I hope to see more of you guys around. At RP events and also perhaps in some furture raids! Meanwhile I'll be lurking around here from time to time. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Scions of the Horde   Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:27 pm

bumping for great justice
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Scions of the Horde
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