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 Thaag's sheet

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PostSubject: Thaag's sheet   Thu Jan 18, 2007 2:18 pm

Name- Thaag Mea Va'a
Age- 27
Class- Rogue (S/A)
Professions- Mining/Engineering
Race- Jungle Troll (Gurubashi)
Clan/Tribe- Tidestalker clan of the Darkspear

Appearance- Wears nuts and bolts like jewelry
Family Members- Leveau, Aublivion, Kehaulani
Favored Deities- The Tinkerer
Friends- Thaag loves everyone. (Except dragons)
Enemies- None surviving.
Additional Details- WARNING: she is a terrible flirt, especially to other trolls and to elves (as they are, according to troll lore, descended from trolls). The reason will come out during roleplay. The Mea Va'a clan traditionally handle all things pertaining to ocean travel amongst the Darkspear: building boats and canoes, manning them, and navigation. They tend to settle near goblin cities as the two share engineering ideas, but this also leads some of the disaffected youth to get mixed up with the pirates that plague the goblins as well.
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Thaag's sheet
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