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 The Poop Poem

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PostSubject: The Poop Poem   Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:26 am

(Officially this was written by my alt Lorinni)

I stepped upon a pile of poop within the Kraul one day--
It stank up to the heavens and it would not go away!
And yet I smiled and prised it off, and said, "It's for the best
That I should step in poop today: I need it for a quest."

Later, in Azshara, an elf took me for a fool--
Azsharite turns out to be a pile of giant's stool.
I asked the elf, "If I must this fetid dung amass
Will I need to shove crap crystals up that demon's ass?"

It is with great gusts of laughter that I here announce
Belief that beyond the Dark Portal I would find amounts
Of feculence to dwindle to small portions rarely found:
Keys apparently emerge from a boar-sated felhound.

Poop here, poop there, poop everywhere! If that isn't enough,
Nearby the Throne of Elements I had to *eat* the stuff.
I'm quite annoyed that I am made to seem like a dimwit.
Next time there's poop to dig in I will tell them, "Eat *my*--!"
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The Poop Poem
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