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 Guild Bank Please read

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PostSubject: Guild Bank Please read   Sat Mar 15, 2008 6:26 pm

in order to keep the bank less cluttered, certain measures must be taken. first of all any food not used for raiding please vendor or ask in guild if any one wants it but try not to put too much of it in the bank. next is the "junk" items like bat eyes, fish scales, things of that nature, please do not put any of that in the bank it takes up too much space and sits around gathering dust.

Also, if there are mats in the bank like shards or dust try to have the used with in 2 weeks or they will be sold on the AH. void crystals will be left in there longer as they are expensive.However. i think 3 weeks or one month max will do and then they will be sold on the AH.

Blue items will be kept for a week and then sold up to 2 times and then sharded by either Dorchadas,Deakaiiem. this also applies to green items that sit for a week the mats will be put back in the bank. we do this as bank tabs are expensive and the ones we have are filling up and staying full too long. I have consulted thaag on this and she agreed.

Oh of there are any thing that will be shortly used for a raid please mail Moreshi ( the bank officer)and let it be known what it is you want saved.
we all want the bank to be more tidy so its easier to find things and put important things in it so please be thoughtful in what you put in it.
thanks and may the caffeine be with you.

aka Moreshi ( guild bank officer)
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PostSubject: Bank   Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:49 pm

i have been moving alot of items aswell that dont go in tabs i moved cloth that was in mining tab. and things that are very unorganized i try to keep some of what i know neat and where it should be grouped next to.
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Guild Bank Please read
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