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 *NOTICE* Caffeine Raiding

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PostSubject: *NOTICE* Caffeine Raiding   Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:10 am

Quote :

Caffeine, it is with great honor that I anounce to you, our guilds new envlovment with the Horde Alliance. This banding together of diffrent guilds is fuled mainly by the want to share great times with good people, and to make as many people raid viable as possible. Our goal is to have a big enough body pool to allow allmost everyone, regardless of time to run kara, gruuls, and other end game material.
The biggest reason for caffeines envolvment in the alliance comes down to the fact that we simply do not (on our own) have enough people of enough classes and specs to make a good raiding team. This is why that untill further notice I would be inclined to say that caffeine will no longer be makeing solo raids. As unfortunate as that does sound it does allow for more oppertunities in the long run. If everything goes according to plan (and there is no reason why is shouldn't) the horde allaince will be able to fill allmost any slot that a raid is missing. This works two ways of course, being that if another raid is missing a certin class they will be able to ask caffeine if it is ok to take one of there members, just as we can ask the same thing.
If anyone has any quistions on the subject please feel free to post them here. You can also contact me in game for a more in debth review.
And remember that this is a GROUP EFFORT! We want to make a good impression on the other guilds that are here, so I ask you all to please be on your best behavior.
/join hordealliance is the channel that we all will be useing and in about a week or so I want to see all caffeine members in there.


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*NOTICE* Caffeine Raiding
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