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 Serberous Silvertree

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PostSubject: Serberous Silvertree   Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:49 pm

Name-Serberous Silvertree
Professions-none yet
Race-Blood Elf

Appearance-Tall handsome,red hair kept in a tight pony tail, facial hair kept very short and well trimmed
Family Members-Marhanon Silvertree
Favored Deities-hes an army man hes not religous, tho he serves sylvanas
Friends- lorinni longstep his commanding officer
Enemies-those who disturb the peace of silvermoon and the alliance
Additional Details: Serberous is very young and very formal. hes very obediant to his commanders and will do his duty with out question( sometimes he takes it too seriously). is the son of a very rich merchant of very fine potions, herbs and armor. he decided not to carry on his familys business like his brother and be came a Ranger.
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Serberous Silvertree
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