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 Aephinevra's Poems, Soliloquies, Imagery Scenes, Etc.

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PostSubject: Aephinevra's Poems, Soliloquies, Imagery Scenes, Etc.   Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:09 pm

( Very similar to my art page, except created with words rather than with colored pencils. I was hoping to save most of this for the Sin'Dorei Soirees, but it seems they always land on dates where I absolutely cannot attend. This first poem describes my class, and was put into guildchat one day (on Bloodhoof) when several other guildies were making silly 4-lined rhymes about their class. You might want to read it twice, there's a few layers of meaning here.)

I now present to you, the Creationary Nocturne. An epic tale taking place long before in the land that preceded our noble Azeroth, as told to me by my great-aunt.

Last standing upon the hill at dusk, the young seem to revel in their survival.

But from underneath the eldest rise to seek protection from the horrors of eternity.

Laughs echo through the last breath of evening as the victors mock the heavens.

All the while the victims attempt to push away the earth's consumption of their souls.

Up above, the hearts of fire blazing, they seek the wind to calm their restlessness.

The antithesis of these desires resurrects from below the threshold of life.

These two separate entities have fought the flames of forever to attain the other's suffering.

The gods look down with neither emotion nor wonder of their creations.

Being the all-knowing, the solution had arrived before the problem had presented.

The fire-hearts came together, through the pains and the joys to form half a being.

The shadows emerged from the core and brought temperance to the flames.

A creature came onto this earth with visions of two affinities.

The darkness and the fire bound together to create an image of the creators themselves.

Such power over the unstable could not be controlled for long.

A being of such mastery required others to survive, but existing on a separate plane, such tactics proved futile.

The dark deities of the under sought refuge among the new, but they were only parasites.

To survive among another, a binding was only necessary.

The creation and its counterparts released a whole new power, after realizing their existence meant the removal of others.

The destruction of other beings angered the all-knowing.

They had never known a creation of such rebellion.

Their intervention was one to great bewilderment to the other creatures of the first and second planes.

The dark deities upon their newfound freedom inside the creation, found them enclosed inside their own hearts.

No control over their own being, they found their existence linked to their previous ally, who had now turned their master.

Trapped within themselves, they had no choice to live out their lives chained to the being.

The creature continued to live on, destroying others to bring itself glory.

Though it did not last for long. The destruction was no longer forming the creature, but instead transforming into new life.

Each time the ritual was performed, the being felt pain, a substance previously exclusive to the mortal.

The slain brought form to the creature, as the shadows had calmed flames many eons before.

And from this, the being transformed into a life itself. A denizen of the first plane, a creature of the mortal realm.

The warlock was born.
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Aephinevra's Poems, Soliloquies, Imagery Scenes, Etc.
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