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 something crappy i wrote.. maybe ill do more... :)(be nice)

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PostSubject: something crappy i wrote.. maybe ill do more... :)(be nice)   Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:50 pm

The night was colder than usual, the rain in Tirisfal was heavier than usual which didn’t make Valanya too happy. Then, not much did make Val happy any more but that didn’t matter much. She got off the zeppelin which was slippery with the rain, and glanced at the goblin standing drenched in front of her, and paid him for the ride.

Muttering to her self Val pulled the hood of her cloak further over her head, and walked down the tower to the ground. The forsaken guards stood glaring into the night dimly lit with lanterns and torches so that all you could see of them was suggestions of facial features, if they had any.
Val summoned her wolf mount and rode quickly into the ruins above the Under City hoping the throne room was more hospitable.
Entering that room had always been surprisingly hard for her, too many memories from the past when she was … she stopped for a moment on the marble floor and glared at the empty throne. She could almost see Darrow Shire in her mind with its green hills and trees, the children playing and laughing, the baker calling out about his fresh baked bread. She could almost smell it and almost hear his voice… Edward was his name … a face that will be forgotten.

Blinking her glowing yellow eyes she remembered when she was younger how naďve she was in thinking she would have a wonderful long life and live in Darrow Shire raising children. But that was gone now, taken from her as a bully would from a child taking a doll and destroying it because they could. Except for Onaniely, she would never know any thing close to what she had dreamed of.

A familiar, yet forgotten sensation arose in her throat and she found her self struggling to breathe. Confused, she wondered if something was wrong with her until she felt her cheek damp and realized she was crying. Val looked around too make sure no one was watching and pushed back the growing lump in her throat and regained her composure.
she looked down at her boney hands and clenched her fists and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, she remembered why she had come here.
Nodding she rode to the elevator ignoring the rotting guards whose putrid smell replaced the one of bread baking wafting through the air of her memories.

The Trade quarter was bustling as usual though less cheerfully then in the past. Val glanced around the multitudes of huge tauren , blood elves, trolls and other forsaken searching for someone… looking irritated ..” Now where the hell is that stupid field partner of mine?” she half mumbled to her self.
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something crappy i wrote.. maybe ill do more... :)(be nice)
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