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 Takaas (Riders on the Storm)

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PostSubject: Takaas (Riders on the Storm)   Thu Apr 17, 2008 5:06 pm

Name: Takaas Darkaxe
Race: Amani Troll (forest troll)
Tribe: Revantusk
Clan: Darkaxe
Age: 36

Character Personality: A bit of a loner, but once he gets to know people he is a devoted and loyal friend/ally. Loves his people the Amani and fights fiercely for them. Also loves animal, especially his companion, Spaz the hyena.

Character Background: The Darkaxe clan is currently a semi-nomadic band of trolls that travel about, but they were not always this way. A bloody war with the High Elves drove them from their village and forced them to take up traveling the lands. Takaas was raised in a nomadic life and as such does not really call one place home. The clan consists mostly of Hunters and Priest, the females taking on the role of Priestess in the tribe. As such Takaas was taught the ways of the wild and what could be called "rangering". He proved quick to the bow and arrow, outdoing some of the best in the clan. When reaching young adulthood he took to the road, helping where he could.
The recent discovery of Zul'aman and what became of Zul'jin has shook Takaas' beliefs quite a bit. The Darkaxe clan having considered Zul'jin the great of heroes. Takaas still cannot completely believe what has become of Zul'jin and looks for possible causes to Zul'jin's actions. One belief being that it is possibly an imposter Zul'jin, the real one having died or still is in hiding.

Addition Details: Takaas' best friend is Spaz the hyena. The two are rarely seen apart.
Recently Takaas struck up a friendship with a small band of goblins and has been taught many of their "skills". Including the use of "guns", which he finds fascinating.
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Takaas (Riders on the Storm)
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