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 Thank you Caffeine

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PostSubject: Thank you Caffeine   Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:05 am

I figured this was more or less guild related as I was a guild officer. I was hoping one of the other officers or Thaag would be in-game, but alas.. Not So Social has accepted me into their ranks and I have to do what is best for me. This game, after all, isn't free.

I'd like to thank Thaag and Caffeine for accepting me when I was a fairly new 70. I really like all of the people in this guild and that's the truth. I've been very happy here as far as interpersonal relationships go; but I bought the game and pay the monthly fee in order to be given a chance to Raid on a regular basis and, unfortunately, that's not something that Caffeine has ever offered me.

Dorchadas brought me in and I saw him and Deak and Liand run through Kara, get what they wanted, and take off. I've yet to get one thing from Kara and I've been through there, what? 4 or 5 times at best. I've seen friends of mine who were months behind me in levels come to Outlands, join different guilds, and are now ahead of me gear-wise.

So sadly I must leave Caffeine in order to enjoy that which I most love about WoW - and that is end-game Raiding. I remain friends with a lot of you - I hope with all of you. Anytime you need Koh's help for anything, you needn't hesitate - just ask.

~Kohelani & Ikaika
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Thank you Caffeine
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