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 Daeronus' Sheet

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PostSubject: Daeronus' Sheet   Sun Apr 15, 2007 1:35 pm

Name- Daeronus "The Searing-tongued"
Age- Unknown, even to him ( since before the first war )
Class- Warlock
Professions- Tailoring, Enchanting
Race- Blood elf
Clan/Tribe- None officially, lives amoung Sin'dorei.

Appearance- 6'5" Tone, but not overly muscular, pale, a bite-mark scar is on his right ear, he often has a sarcastic look on his face.
Family Members- All deceased, thanks to Daeronus.
Favored Deities- Kil'jaeden (The eredar who taught orcs to become warlocks) and Gul'dan ( Traitor to the horde second war, the most powerful warlock )
Friends- Caffeine members, Kehaulani, Yuikate, and a few others.
Enemies- Anyone we sees as "weak willed"
Additional Details- Daeronus is always followed by a black mist.
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Daeronus' Sheet
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