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 Argent Dawn stuff to go to

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PostSubject: Argent Dawn stuff to go to   Fri Sep 07, 2007 7:47 pm

There is an Argent Dawn IRC channel. Here is the info:
Enter your name in the first box **enter this in the second box
#argentdawn **enter this in the third box

Also, any of you who like to RP come here:
*Argent Dawn Roleplayers*
There are actually a lot of cool people there, even Alliance players. But the strong RPers are on the Horde side, thank you.

Also, we are friends with the Gurubashi Nation, and the GN is part of the *Scions of the Horde.*

So get involved! This will not only be fun but it can also increase the pool from which you can find people to do instances and quest with, so you can level at a happier pace and get your phat lewts as well.
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Argent Dawn stuff to go to
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