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Deakaiiem Saveingstitch

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PostSubject: Deakaiiem   Fri Nov 23, 2007 10:10 pm

Full Name: Deakaiiem Mediius Saveingstitch.

Born: Dalaran.

Age: 37 at death, 66 present day.

Ocupation (while human): Doctor.

Apperance: A black tuft of hair clings to the skull of this Foresaken, Skin stretched tightly across the face exept for around the mouth were only bone can be seen. His eye sockets are empty pools that seem to fill themselves with an orange mist. His movements are slow and allmost mechanical, with a walk that you would expect from a corpse if it decided to stroll around outside of it's grave.

Traits: Malecious and nurotic Deakaiiem has a severe dislike for anyone thought to be his better/equal with the exception of a very few. A hopeless womenizer he will often win over the opposite sex with a gentlemans charm, and the promise of friendship or aid if it is needed, quickly to turn on them if anything goes awry sometimes leading to a violent confrontaion. Extremely concerned with social standing Deakaiiem will NEVER act in anyway that may embaress or harm his image of being a well read and calm individule if there are more then a few people present.

Enemies: Xanderen.

Friends: Anyone that he thinks may be of some help.

Point of Interest: Deakaiiem is a hopeless addict. He will do or say almost anything for his vice’s. Caffeine, Alchahol, Tobacco, Strange dust are all consumed in high quantities by this Undead. Many speculate that this may be the reason for what would appear to be his declining “health” made clear by his fits of coughing and guarded movements.
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