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PostSubject: Xanderen   Tue Nov 27, 2007 2:36 pm

Name- Xanderen Raz Oroscoro

Age- 22 (deceased) 6(undead)

Class- Mage

Professions- Artisan Transmutation Alchemist & Herbalist

Race- Undead Human

Clan/Tribe- Previously in service to the Royal Apothecary of Undercity.

Appearance- Long strangely sickly green hair, usually wearing a mask over the torn away flesh of his mouth along with mage robes.

Family Members-All known human family members deceased, part of the scourge, or in parts unknown.

Favored Deities- Agnostic>Atheist

Friends- Zylanas Spireborn (fiancee/assistant), Traummilch (alchemy apprentice), Thaag Mea Va'a (long time friend) Lorinni Longstep (friend, when he's not an ass xD )

Enemies- Deakaiiem Saveingstitch, The Lich King, Kael'thas Sunstrider

Additional Details- Currently at war with the Burning Legion and still loyal to Kael'thas bloodelves on Quel'danas alongside other members of the horde, alliance, and the shattered sun forces of Shattrath.

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