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 Lywn Behälter

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PostSubject: Lywn Behälter   Tue Nov 27, 2007 3:54 pm

Name- Lywn Behälter
Age- E.T.D she was in her early twenties
Class- Priest
Race- Forsaken
Religion- Cult of Forgotten Shadows

Appearance- Because she was only dead for a short time, she retains some of her human beauty. She has shoulder length black hair which is somewhat thin and unkempt. Her face still has a pretty look to it despite several places where bits of bone show through.
Family Members- Unknown, probably deceased.
Favored Deities- The Cult of Forgotten Shadows holds no deity but holds to the belief of three virtues: respect, tenacity, and power.
Friends- She still has a bit of fog on the brain since she woke and names and people are still a little fuzzy to her. Some mage keeps following her around insisting to do tests on her, she stole his wedding band which he presented to her but she later returned. Also she has had contact with Dr. Savingstitch whom she presumably made an agreement with but she doesn't remember it anymore.
Enemies- If she has any she doesn't know about them.
Additional Details- The last name Behälter is the German word for vessel which in essence is what she is. While she is indeed a member of the Forsaken, her body was brought back from its undead slumber prematurely which explains the lack of her decay. Through manipulations of alchemy as well as holy magic, the presently dead Zylanas Spireborn managed to create Lywn as a vessel for her own memories and as a surrogate body should something happen to hers. This was done due to a rising suspicion of the Silvermoon apothecary society whom Ms. Spireborn was working for. As she is now dead, it is apparent that her suspicions were correct. Either way, the apothecary currently is unaware of Lywn's being.
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Lywn Behälter
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