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PostSubject: Aslanian   Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:25 pm

Name- Aslanian Azaradel
Age- Unknown (will fill later)
Class- Priest
Professions- Mining and Tailoring
Race- Sin'dorei AKA Blood Elf
Clan/Tribe- While still a member of the Sin'dorei priesthood, he associates more with The Forsaken.

Appearance- A rather pale, 5'8" man, with jet black hair a little past shoulder length, a goatee, and the same fiery green eyes of his sin'dorei counterparts.
Family Members- All deceased, save for one missing sibling; a sister he lost contact with when the Scourge attacked.
Favored Deities- Carries a strong, yet curious faith in the omnipotent force, commonly known as The Light.
Friends- Considers all members of the Forsaken as his friends.
Enemies- The Scourge, Illidan, The Burning Legion and Kaelīthas Sunstrider for betraying his people.
Additional Details- While still considerably young by sin'dorei standards, he carries a heavy burden on his shoulders and displays a certain wisdom beyond his years. While still haunted by the destruction of his home and everything he ever cared for by the Scourge, he doesn't seek direct revenge, but rather supports his friends and allies in the hopes that they can, somehow, replace that which he lost. He works very closely with the Forsaken, but also admires the spirit of the orcs and their leader.
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