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 Tackles Kara Tips

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PostSubject: Tackles Kara Tips   Sun Dec 23, 2007 4:57 am

On Alliance side i have a lot of Kara experience and really enjoyed the thrill of helping my Alliance side Guild SI Kaldorei start raiding. I hope to enjoy the same thrill with you guys Horde side.

Having been there at the start I have some 20/20 hindsight of some of the problems that happen when a group starts raiding.

So here are some tips that hopefully will help us thru those early days.

One of the things to remember when venturing into Kara is that the boss fights are "Longer". Alot longer, and one of the things that can mean the difference between success and wipe is those dreaded words "OOM!"

TIP No 1:
So heres the first tip. POT EARLY and POT OFTEN. Up till now when in a fight potting near the end of your mana pool will usually get you thru to the end. But in longer fights it wont. So lets say your mana pool is 8000 and a pot gives you 2000. Pot at 75%. then when the 2 mins is up you will prob be at 50% and a pot will get you back up to 75. etc etc . So remember "Pot Early and Pot Often"

TIP No2:
KEEP IT MOVING. The repop rate in Kara differs for different areas but the first boss "midnight" it is about 30 minutes. This may seem like a lot but when you are there believe me its not. So you have to keep rolling along. One of the main things that slows a group down is ressurecting and rebuffing. So dont wait to be reminded. If you can res someone just do it.If you are in charge of a certain buff take ownership of that job and just do it. It is incredible when you are in a raid that just "Takes Care of Business" such as this. The rhythm and the joy of it is something to behold and i look forward to experiencing it with you guys.

TIP No3:
VISIT YOUR CLASS FORUMS. I know some of them are quite immature (god i hate the rogue forum). But even on the bad ones there are nuggets of information that can increase your knowledge and enjoyment of the game. remember DPS is all about rotation. What is your class and specs optimum rotation. If your a hunter do you have a shot macro? If you are a sword rogue do you use Slice and Dice? As a Tank did u know that a Shield Bash generates more threat than a sunder armor? So do the research. The more knowledge you have the more fun you have.

TIP No 4:
DOWNLOAD IT. Theres a thread here with the mods you need for the raid. Download them now. Go on. While you have this window open and reading this open another and get downloading

TIP No 5:
mouseover healing macro
/cast [target=mouseover] (shift click spell)
this enables faster healing with out having to click each player, you simply hover your mouse over the desired targets raid icon in your raid window and click your mouse over healing macro. Remember make a macro for every heal you want to use.

Well thats enuf from me for now. If you have a tip feel free to add to this thread.

Thanks for your time

Didn't your Daddy tell you "Never Ever hit the Tackle !"
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Tackles Kara Tips
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