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 Delvino's sheet

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PostSubject: Delvino's sheet   Wed Dec 26, 2007 3:31 am

Name- Delvino Ra'stin'ga
Age- 23
Class- Hunter
Professions- Goblin Engineer/Miner
Race- Troll
Clan/Tribe- Tribeless by choice

Appearance- 6''8' long white hair. numerous scars and scratches from his interest in engineering and taking care of his loving cat arnold
Family Members- Ja'Stula:(father) mother: unknown
Favored Deities- Does not believe in the old gods or any other god
Friends- Horde/goblins
Enemies- Alliance or traitorous horde
Additional Details- Delvino left his tribe on the reason that they were primitive as most trolls are. He fulfills his duty as a member of the horde but has taken up a particular liking to goblin engineering. He is friendly to anyone who returns the gesture and is quick to make friends. But his truest friend is his long time pet Arnold, who has been though thick and thin with him. Even as far back as to when he left the tribe.
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Delvino's sheet
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