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 Some random priest-related stuff I found in the forums.

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PostSubject: Some random priest-related stuff I found in the forums.   Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:11 am

From the "You know you're a priest when ..." thread

Rofl, this reminds me of my druid pre-BC. When some damage class would ask me what to do on a fight, I would blink and say "Green bar go down, green bar go up!"

In an arena, every person you click shows you as their target...

You have no idea what any of the raid bosses look like.

You have ever wished for a spell to bring the idiots in your team back into LoS before they died.

You bring your rogue to Kara after having it on farm for 6 months and have no idea what you're doing.

You die a little inside every time that you don't react fast enough to save someone.

You spec Holy Nova so that the color blind will think you're a mage.

Whenever you call for a buff, the time it takes for you to get it can be measured in fractions of a second.

You know youre a priest when the only things you farm are Eels outside shatt and Bog Lords in zang.

When you are in an instance and already have 3 other instances lined up when you get out.

You used to thinking Kiting was a recreational activity involving colorful flying objects.

You can disconnect and log on an hour later and your group will still be waiting for you

You were in Karazhan with all greens and got full epics within 3 runs

You don't know how to read a threat meter

You've made the following macros:
/em cries out for tanking!
/em cries out for DPS!
to get back at the scrubs in AV who have the stupid /healme mod turned on.

when u get pissed when u realize locks and hunters didnt pull out their pets b4 u started buffing.

Tanking is a responsibilty
Heaing is a job
DPS is a game

(rogue goes over and pulls 5 mobs while all of the clothies are still drinking)
warrior (leader): wait for mana
rogue: you don't have mana you nub
(rogue brings the group of 5 mobs over to the group, clothies only have about half mana at this point)
rogue: heal (he dies 2 seconds later)
(we were able to beat the mob with only the rogue dying)
rogue: learn 2 heal you nub priest
me: you aggrod 5 mobs when we only had half mana, you gotta wait for the rest of us
rogue: if you weren't a nub, i wouldn't have died, now rez me before i leave you nub
rogue: 5
rogue: 4
rogue: 3
warrior: f*ck you
(warrior kicks rogue from the group)

(When a group wipes and someone asks "What happened?" )
1 - I wanted to see what it's like to watch you die.
2 - I was busy rolling my face across my keyboard while shouting "PEW PEW!!!".
3 - Our department decided to cut it's losses, so we had to let you go. But we didn't want to tell you.
4 - I was busy staring at your butt.
5 - My healing button was stuck.
6 - I was busy making pizza rolls, and decided that the loss of life was worth it.

Be really vague when you are missing buffs so that we get to have fun guessing which ones you want. The last time the tank said, "I need buffs" he wound up with a very full complement of them, including Waterwalking, See Invisible, and Unending Breath. He wanted buffs, so he got buffs.

nub tells you: heal
party chat: heals plz
nub tells you: heals? cmon
me: dps
nub tells you: wht??
me: dps, cmon!
nub: wtf you taking bout healz me!>?
me: oh, i'm sorry, i thought we were telling each other how to do our jobs.
nub: @%%# you!
me: lol

From the thread "How to piss off a priest"

Always try to tank behind a pillar, at the bottom of a ramp, around a corner, or really far from wherever the group is parked. The more terrain objects that can block line of sight, the better. Healers love the challenge of continually moving around to find a spot they can actually land a heal on you from while trying to cast a 2.5 second spell. Once they find such a spot, be sure to move so that they'll have to find another one. A refinement of this tactic when using an off-tank in a group is for the main tank and off tank to position themselves on either side of an obstacle, so that it's impossible to heal them both from the same position. That one is especially fun, but takes some coordination between the tanks.

DPS: *pulls aggro*
Me: *heals him, combat ends* DPS, please watch your aggro.

Next fight...
DPS: *pulls aggro*
Me: *waits til the very last moment to heal him* I am not healing you again if you pull aggro, DPS.

Next fight...
DPS: *pulls aggro*
Me: *lets him die*
DPS: wtf heals??
Me: Do you wear plate?
DPS: no
Me: Then you're not a tank.
DPS: i no
Me: So stop tanking.
DPS: im not tanking
Me: Then why are you getting hit?
DPS: cuz i got aggro
Me: Exactly, stop tanking.

Then I just stop healing them if they pull aggro again (under normal circumstances :])

The second part brings up another good point...why is it whenever someone steals aggro and gets beat on, they run at the healer, but away from the tank?
The tank has metal armor, Rage, and a sword big enough to decapitate a T-rex.
I have cloth armor, a cheerful disposition, and beautiful hair

...I think the Warrior is the guy you DPS'ers should be running to, not me.

If you have mana, why am I dead?
- I can't decurse stupidity.
- "My bad, I thought the warrior was tanking............."
- My heal was resisted. Are you wearing any holy resist gear ?

"L2Heal. Why am I dead and you have half your mana?"

Idiot: Why am I dead?
Wysannia: Because you ran out of Hit Points.

Perma-disclaimer: All posts are subject to Thaag and other officer's approval. These are personal opinions and are not spoken on behalf of any guild unless otherwise stated. The writer will always attempt to maintain an impartial view on all matters unless otherwise stated.
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PostSubject: Re: Some random priest-related stuff I found in the forums.   Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:08 pm

OMG too funny!

Lemme tell you a little story about my shammie's first foray into RFC:

I was the healbot. This mage kept running to the next group of mobs and aggroing them. We refused to defend her. I refused to rez her despite her angry tells:

rez plx


y not

because we told you to quit running off.

rez plx

run forrest run!

Here's one for the "you know you're a priest when" list:

You leveled to 60 in dungeons alone. WTF is soloing?
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Some random priest-related stuff I found in the forums.
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