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 Spreading like a fungus

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PostSubject: Spreading like a fungus   Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:45 pm

OK in a heavily buzzed (read: just a shade this side of slightly drunken) state I went on my Alliance alts with the (to me) wonderful idea of starting a guild on the Alliance side.

Oh, and by the way, I succeeded. Beyond my wildest expectations.

There's a story behind it. Being that I'm a dedicated Hordie with severe altitis, my Alliance toons are NOT happy with the faction to which they must serve by simple accident of birth (their race). Each of them has a reason to withhold loyalty to Stormwind and the Alliance in general, and even to their own specific racial leaders. <Coffee and Cigarettes> evokes whispered conversations in the darkest corners of cafes, concocting conspiracies and picking other conspiracies apart. I don't mind if your Alliance toon has some sort of connection to your Horde toon--mine do!

At the current time, the guild has about 10-11 members. All ranks are identical to <Caffeine> ranks, but unlike Caffeine all ranks but Decaf can invite. It's best that way while it's still small.

I am, however, looking to pass the torch of guild leadership when the time comes, to someone who wants to carry on the original concept of the guild, who is skilled at RP, who knows their lore, and who isn't afraid to play amongst the unwashed masses every night. As I don't play my Alliance toons very much (my nelf rogue has been around longer than my belf hunter but the hunter is now in his 50s whereas my nelf is lingering at 29). This is not fair to a guild I actually would like to see sticking around and adding to the RP of both factions.

I'm going to post the inclusion of this guild on the Alliance RP guild list on the WoW-AD forums.
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Spreading like a fungus
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