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 Keridwyn Marhanon ( maiden name Dawnrunner)

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PostSubject: Keridwyn Marhanon ( maiden name Dawnrunner)   Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:20 pm


Class-Blood Knight
Race- Sin'dorei
Clan/Tribe-Blood Elf

Appearance-Long Red hair that she keeps up and out of her face concealing the dark black streaks in it. her green eyes are luminous against her pale skin.
Family Members- her father was presumed dead , her mother is rumored to be alive but she has no idea where. her Tuaren adopted parents are dead from old age. she is married to a ranger named Cefwyn Marhanon
she has two adopted sisters;Cuarva who became a priest and Obysidian a shaman. she has a biological night elf druid sister named Nadezheda whom she doesnt speak to or alot for odvious reasons.
Favored Deities-she considers her self in the unquestionable service to Lady Sylvannas,and the earth mother
Friends- her best friend is Obysidian her tauren sister, and Valanya a forsaken she "rescued"
Enemies-all evil scourge, legion, and centaur
Additional Details-shes very much not like a normal blood elf. she is not arrogant and selfish as most elves seem to be. she was raised to respect the earth and all its spirits and to honor ones ancestors and always praise their lives.she has a huge respect for thrall as he always treated her as an equal and she became rather close to him as a daughter would to a father.
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Keridwyn Marhanon ( maiden name Dawnrunner)
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