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 Aephinevra "Bloodphoenix" Embersong

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PostSubject: Aephinevra "Bloodphoenix" Embersong   Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:27 am

Name- Aephinevra "Bloodphoenix" Embersong
Age- 86 (19 Years Human Physiological Appearance)
Class- Affliction Specialized Warlock
Professions- Frozen Shadowweave Specialist Tailor, Enchanter
Race- Blood Elf
Clan/Tribe- Affiliated with none but the Sin'Dorei

Appearance- Slightly taller than the average Human female, and short relative to other Blood Elves, Aephinevra stands at 5'7" and weighs 136 pounds. She is of somewhat pale skin-tone, and has scarlet hair that curls around her face. When in cities near the months of Winter Veil, Aephinevra is usually seen wearing Festival Dresses and riding a Red Hawkstrider, her Felsteed Aelgashana, or her Dreadsteed. In battle, she has dark, glowing Warlock armor, and rides the aforementioned mounts, or a Frostwolf, Black War Kodo, Black War Raptor, Green Hawkstrider, or Green Windrider.

Family Members- Aephinevra is the supposed only child of Ramanthias Embersong, a Hawkstrider trainer and Hunter, who married Hunter/Adventurer Eliosora Rosewish, with the help of Priest and family friend Eric'ar Goldwyn. The Embersong and Rosewish lines descend back to the High Elves, and mainly consist of those in the Hunter class. Aephinevra's choice to train under aged Warlock Hartrus Den'evla and his Forsaken caretaker Alexander McCall was a surprise to a small family that only contained one other Warlock, Great-Aunt Wenshora Murdmist (born Wenshora Audrablade). As far back as the family history has been recorded, no Priests have been married in or born into the family.

Aephinevra has confusing and vague memories of a young girl who she used to play with as a very young child in her place of residence. Upon suffering from Mana Withdrawal, Great-Grandfather Devris Mournblaze once wished to see not only "Aephinevra Grand Daughter Embersong", but also "Jezaura Grand Daughter Embersong". Ramanthias Embersong and Eliosora Rosewish deny the existance of such a child.

Favored Deities- Aephinevra has no religious beliefs, considering it blasphemous to put faith in any one but one's self. This may have to do with the lack of Priests in the family, though she was raised seeing family friend of one hundred and twenty years, Eric'ar Goldwyn fairly often. When discussing religion and ethics with zealous Eric'ar, Aephinevra often jokingly states that her religious values are held by the "Spirit of Honorable Bloodlust", and attempts to convert her to any other following are futile.

Friends- Aephinevra has many pets that she allows to follow her on her journey, most likely due to being surrounded by her Hunter parents' combat companions during childhood. Mr. Wiggles, a pink piglet given as a present to Aephinevra from an Orc orphan affectionately nicknamed "Chuck", who travelled Azeroth with Aephinevra for a short time, is most often seen with Aephinevra as it requires daily walks.

Upon leaving home ten years earlier, Aephinevra met a Paladin by the name of Bayakuya Sablenite, and the two of them formed a society of spies and undercover agents known to the common as the Horde Information Bureau. Members of the "HIB" committed acts of espionage in order to undermine the Alliance's attempts at raiding Horde towns and villages. The guild quickly grew in power, recruiting many powerful allies, such as Charkampa Zuku'jin, a wise Troll Rogue, Rorsarch Reddawn and Mortefini Mal'phinas, Blood Elven Warlocks, and Decuma Everly, a Forsaken Warrior. Aephinevra was known to her guild and outsiders at that point as merely "Bloodphoenix", a reference to her race and the Blood Elven Phoenix symbol, and her ability to rise from defeat (which was rather common at such an age) and keep on fighting towards and her goals, and her literal ability to resurrect herself using a Soulstone.
"Bloodphoenix" and the Horde Information Bureau was extremely successful while it lasted, but it began to collapse due to Bloodphoenix's extended soul-searching journeys, as more important guildmembers began to leave. Once Charkampa Zuku'jin left with Rorsarch Reddawn to join the upcoming group known simply as "Everfrost", many members left soon afterwards. Despite the loss of members, a Blood Elven Warlock by the name of Exadol Silverwind joined, and adventured often with Bloodphoenix, though Bayakuya Sablenite found him distrustful from the beginning. During a battle in Tirisfal Glades in a place known as the Scarlet Monastery, an argument broke out between Exadol and Bloodphoenix over who had rightful possession of a great treasure that was discovered. Bloodphoenix, being successful in taking this treasure, found Exadol had deserted the guild and had gone off creating slanderous lies about the guild. as well as giving important information to Alliance enemies. A year or so later, Exadol and Bloodphoenix reconciled their differences and forgave one another for evils committed, and even felt romantic connections. The relationship between the two young and closeminded Warlocks ended quickly, once an argument regarding Exadol's membership in a group known as "THE ELVEN REIGN" which sought to re-establish the former glory of the Blood Elves, and put them ahead of the other races in the Horde, and Exadol's strict religious beliefs broke out. The two swore hatred upon the other, which holds strong to this day. Charkampa Zuku'jin found the entire event to be amusing to himself, and Bayakuya Sablenite felt he knew it was to occur all along.
After Bloodphoenix was awakened by the end of her relations with Exadol, she saw that the guild was in a further state of disarray, and Bayakuya Sablenite ended up disappearing alltogether one night. Bloodphoenix was forced to hand over control of the guild to a young Priest named Estaluna Nightgazer, and eventually rambled off to fight evil accross the land. Having done much damage to enemies and improved her own armor and possessions greatly, Aephinevra came accross an old associate, a Paladin known simply as Tokus, and then a Troll Hunter named Delvino Ra'stin'ga. Realizing more could be accomplished for Azeroth, the barren Outland, and in time, Northerend, in a new guild, Aephinevra joined the guild known as Caffeine to its members.

Enemies- Alliance. All Alliance are to be killed-on-sight, with the exception of children who are to be taken prisoner, or as laborers or servants. Aephinevra feels that the most likely kidnappers of her younger sister, were Alliance agents, possibly Night Elves or Humans.
Scourge. Scourge are to be destroyed at all costs, for the destruction they caused to Silvermoon City.
Exadol Silverwind. Despite being very far away in Azeroth, Aephinevra still holds a grudge towards the traitorous Exadol Silverwind.
Aldor. While they are not considered mortal enemies, the Aldor have been known to get in the way of beneficial Scryer plans, and they should be dealt with "humanely".

Additional Details- Will be added as they come to my attention. Pictures, if I have the time, also. I have a really old sketch of Exadol, but I can't seem to get it out of Tagged Image File Format.
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PostSubject: Re: Aephinevra "Bloodphoenix" Embersong   Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:58 pm


Kinda beats the hell outa my Bio when it comes to interegating one's character!!

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Aephinevra "Bloodphoenix" Embersong
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